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Detective Danny Williams

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Name:Detective Danny Williams
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America

Detective Sergeant Danny Williams
Once upon a time, Danny had it good. A career in the Newark P.D., a beautiful, intelligent wife, and a little girl who was the light of his life. But then his wife left him, married a gazillionaire, and moved with Gracie to Hawaii, and Danny had no choice but to follow.

Every single relationship starts with a cup of coffee. Then it's dinner and a movie, okay? Next thing you know, you're divorced, you're moving to Hawaii so you can see your daughter every other weekend.

Six months after arriving in Honolulu, Danny was investigating the murder of former cop John McGarrett. When McGarrett's son, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett, took the case over, he recruited Danny as his reluctant partner. With the additions of Chin Ho Kelly and his cousin Kono Kalakaua, McGarrett formed the elite task force Five-0, whose mission it is to investigate serious crime throughout the islands, ranging from terrorism to kidnapping.

Oh, okay. Um... listen, we have on this island what is called... what does the Governor call it? ...Full immunity and means.

About Danno
First of all, don't call him Danno. (Steve.)

Danny is a capable, talented detective. He's usually armed with a Sig Pro SP 2009 (switched to a Heckler & Koch P30 in Episode 1.13 "Ke Kinohi"). His badge is usually pinned to his belt or pocket. In general, Danny will be wearing a button-down shirt, a tie, khakis, and leather loafers. He stands 5' 5", has blond hair, blue eyes, and is about 35. His father is a firefighter back in New Jersey. He has a bad right knee, first hurt playing high school baseball.

I'm Lorna, and can be reached at aria [dot] marier at gmail [dot] com. Danno Detective Williams is the intellectual property of Leonard Freeman and CBS. Scott Caan belongs to himself. This journal is being used for roleplay at [community profile] milliways_bar. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Some greatest hits:

The greatest moment in canon, ever.
Are you going to open the door?
You've done this before?
That little girl is his life.

Interests (14):

baseball, bon jovi, bruce springsteen, elvis movies, football, grace williams, hockey, kohr brothers, mack & manco's, newark, peyton manning, sinatra, the new york jets, wildwood nj
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